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  • LGBTQ+ Free Zones in Poland: fighting for fundamental rights
    Poland’s culture clash has been boiling for years but it has exploded with the last Polish parliamentary elections, when the ruling right-wing party Law and Justice (PiS) found a new enemy to target, fighting a supposedly “LGBT ideology”. The case has been triggered by the declaration in […]
  • The JANAF Affair Exposes Corruption in Croatia (Again)
    Croatia has been hit with yet another corruption scandal – the JANAF affair. The CEO of JANAF Dragan Kovačević was arrested and he is accused of receiving bribe of around two million euros. JANAF (Jadranski Naftovod) is a Croatian pipeline transportation of crude oil company that operates […]

About Us

Hybrid Neighbourhood has the aim to provide insights on a specific geographical region: Central-Eastern Europe.
The space that embraces the lands between Germany and Russia and between the Baltic, the Adriatic and the Black Seas from being the periphery of Europe has turned into a key theatre of the political developments of the continent.

The name of the blog wants to be a clear reference to the context that we analyse: neighbourhood broadly refers to the space in which we move; hybrid, on the other hand, recalls the multiplicity of actors (state and not) that operate in this area, and the myriad of instruments used by the same in order to push for their respective agendas.

Rather than a simple blog of news and chronicle of events, Hybrid Neighbourhood wants to provide analyses of these events with the tools acquired in many years of political science (and related fields) studies.


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