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Nagorno Karabakh: Georgian troubled position

On November 9th, Armenia and Azerbaijan, with the support of the Russian Federation, signed a ceasefire agreement which marks the umpteenth stop in a conflict that lasts since 1992. The situation is now calm, but not peaceful and this patch of Caucasian land shows now one of the World’s highest density of troops, from four […]

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The resignation of Hashim Thaci: what is at stake for Kosovo?

Last week, the President of Kosovo Thaci announced his resignation after confirming his indictment for war and crimes against humanity committed when he was commander of the Kosovo Liberation Army. The case before the Kosovo war tribunal in The Hague marks a pivotal step for justice and the rule of law in Kosovo. What kind […]

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The EU’s new accession strategy: driving the enlargement process forward, for real?

After few months from the European Council’s decision to not open accession negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia, the European Commission has come up with a revised enlargement strategy, in order to convince skeptical Member States of the Union to rekindle the enlargement process. Even if the Commission’s purpose to re-establish a credible EU perspective […]

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A post-INF Europe: Leeway for a deeper approach on defence

Article written by Fabio Seferi and Giorgia Miccoli When listing the most important stages that conducted to the end of the Cold War, one surely thinks at the reproaching between the USSR and the US, made possible by the Raegan Reversal and by Gorbachev’s “new thinking” approach. Among the successful moves that from the 1983 […]

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European Parliament Elections 2019: what future for the EU?

During the last weekend, from Friday 23rd to Sunday 26th May, the citizens of the 28 Member States of the European Union voted for the renewal of the European Parliament. The 2019 European elections are characterized by a tough electoral campaign based mainly on issues such as immigration, nationalism and Euroscepticism. This has led most […]


Western Balkans Accession Assessment

The Western Balkans Labor Market Trends 2019 report, published by the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (wiiw) and the World Bank Group, described the improving labor market and overall GDP growth of the Western Balkans. Albania, Montenegro and North Macedonia reported the strongest job growth in the Western Balkans. Most jobs in this region, […]

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Greece – Republic of North Macedonia: the end of 27-year-long dispute

On January 25, the Greek parliament approved the agreement signed with Macedonia concerning the new name of the latter. This allows Macedonia to be able to request access to NATO and also the EU. An historical dispute The dispute between the Hellenic Republic and Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) started in 1991, when the […]


Everything you have to know about Putin’s visit to Belgrade

Last Thursday, President Putin went to Belgrade to meet Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić. During the meeting, as well as in the days following and preceding it, a variety of issues were discussed ranging from energy and trade to military issues. Most importantly, the visit has raised high expectations among the Serbian leadership and the public […]

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Is there a Russian spy network in Lithuania?

About one month ago, several people were arrested in Lithuania on suspicion of spying on behalf of Russia. Although Moscow firmly rejected this accusation it is undeniable that Russia after 2014 has intensified its espionage activities in the Baltics. In view of this, how is the Russian threat perceived in Lithuania and how does the […]

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Sea of Flames: the Russia-Ukraine possible escalation in the Black and Azov Seas

A possible escalation in the hostilities between Russia and Ukraine is mounting in the last days in the Black Sea and Azov Sea region, after Russian naval forces seized three Ukrainian ships. After the two ground-battle frontlines, first in Crimea and then in Donbas, the conflict could now spread to the sea with the opening […]