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A post-INF Europe: Leeway for a deeper approach on defence

Article written by Fabio Seferi and Giorgia Miccoli When listing the most important stages that conducted to the end of the Cold War, one surely thinks at the reproaching between the USSR and the US, made possible by the Raegan Reversal and by Gorbachev’s “new thinking” approach. Among the successful moves that from the 1983 […]

Governance and Multilateralism

The war on terror: the last drift before the 2004 EU eastward enlargement

The whole world welcomed the beginning of a new millennium with spectacular celebrations and new hopes. In people’s mind, the year 2000 meant a jump in the future, in which technological development would have reached new and undiscovered worlds. According to popular beliefs, what was about to start was the millennium of the end of […]