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The EU’s new accession strategy: driving the enlargement process forward, for real?

After few months from the European Council’s decision to not open accession negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia, the European Commission has come up with a revised enlargement strategy, in order to convince skeptical Member States of the Union to rekindle the enlargement process. Even if the Commission’s purpose to re-establish a credible EU perspective […]

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Yet another delay: North Macedonia’s tortuous road towards the international recognition

On October 2019 the European Council failed again to agree on opening EU accession talks with Western Balkans countries. Macron’s veto has caused disappointment and dejection especially in North Macedonia, which is now standing at a crossroads. Last week The European Commissioner for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Olivér Várhelyi presented the proposal for a revised accession […]

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The war on terror: the last drift before the 2004 EU eastward enlargement

The whole world welcomed the beginning of a new millennium with spectacular celebrations and new hopes. In people’s mind, the year 2000 meant a jump in the future, in which technological development would have reached new and undiscovered worlds. According to popular beliefs, what was about to start was the millennium of the end of […]

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The challenges and the future of the EU’s Enlargement to the Western Balkans

The syndrome of the so called ‘enlargement fatigue’ outlined the last decade of debates on further enlargement of the European Union and, with the socio-political situation of the countries involved, limited the chance for opening the doors of the Union to the Western Balkans and fostering deeper engagement. The Balkan region, an integral part of Europe […]