Mostar: the case of a political deadlock in a divided society

The city of Mostar emerged from the war as a divided city with unresolved ethno-nationalistic conflicts. Still nowadays, even though war might appear as a distant memory, it still affects daily life of almost 114,000 individuals. The city suffered the presence of two conflicts. In the first one, from April 1992 to February 1994, local […]

Foreign Policy geopolitics

Is there a Russian spy network in Lithuania?

About one month ago, several people were arrested in Lithuania on suspicion of spying on behalf of Russia. Although Moscow firmly rejected this accusation it is undeniable that Russia after 2014 has intensified its espionage activities in the Baltics. In view of this, how is the Russian threat perceived in Lithuania and how does the […]

Domestic Policy

Dhjetori i dytë: shkaqet dhe pasojat e mundshme të protestës së studentëve

Vazhdojnë në Tiranë protestat e studentëve të universiteteve për nje reformë te gjithanshme të arsimit në vend. Menjëherë në imagjinatën e përbashkët kjo protestë është lidhur me atë të 28 viteve më parë, edhe ajo e ndërmarrë në dhjetor, edhe ajo e përbërë nga studentët, të cilët sollën rrëzimin e regjimit komunist. Fuqia simbolike është […]

European integration Special issues

The challenges and the future of the EU’s Enlargement to the Western Balkans

The syndrome of the so called ‘enlargement fatigue’ outlined the last decade of debates on further enlargement of the European Union and, with the socio-political situation of the countries involved, limited the chance for opening the doors of the Union to the Western Balkans and fostering deeper engagement. The Balkan region, an integral part of Europe […]

Commentaries geopolitics

Il futuro incerto dell’INF Treaty: quali implicazioni per la sicurezza dell’Europa centro-orientale?

Una delle pietre miliari che contribuirono al disgelo tra le due superpotenze protagoniste della Guerra fredda rischia di andare in frantumi in seguito alle dichiarazioni del Presidente Trump di voler abbandonare il trattato INF. Si tratta di una presa di posizione che si inserisce nel contesto dei già complicati rapporti tra USA e Russia, ma […]