Mostar: the case of a political deadlock in a divided society

The city of Mostar emerged from the war as a divided city with unresolved ethno-nationalistic conflicts. Still nowadays, even though war might appear as a distant memory, it still affects daily life of almost 114,000 individuals. The city suffered the presence of two conflicts. In the first one, from April 1992 to February 1994, local […]

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Is there a Russian spy network in Lithuania?

About one month ago, several people were arrested in Lithuania on suspicion of spying on behalf of Russia. Although Moscow firmly rejected this accusation it is undeniable that Russia after 2014 has intensified its espionage activities in the Baltics. In view of this, how is the Russian threat perceived in Lithuania and how does the […]

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Sea of Flames: the Russia-Ukraine possible escalation in the Black and Azov Seas

A possible escalation in the hostilities between Russia and Ukraine is mounting in the last days in the Black Sea and Azov Sea region, after Russian naval forces seized three Ukrainian ships. After the two ground-battle frontlines, first in Crimea and then in Donbas, the conflict could now spread to the sea with the opening […]