Foreign Policy Governance and Multilateralism

The respect for human rights in refugee camps on the Balkan route

Since the Balkan Route has become one of the different ways for the migrants to try to enter into the European continent, the countries of the Balkan area and the EU itself had to face several hard situations. After the establishment of the wire mesh on the border between Serbia and Hungary in 2018, the […]

Governance and Multilateralism

The migration crisis: between sovereignty and history

Since its beginning in April 2015, after the tragic events in the Mediterranean, the European migrations crisis has been dividing the old continent on many levels. The actions taken by Brussels have included the strengthening of the presence in the sea “to increase the search and rescue possibilities within the mandate of FRONTEX”[1]and the fighting […]

European integration Special issues

Fifteen years of membership: the complexities of the EU’s eastward enlargement

The history of the European continent is a history of divisions and reunifications. In 1989 the fall of the Berlin Wall has reunified Europe after almost forty-five years. East Europe and West Europe, with the end of the Cold War divide, could finally get back what history stole from them. In 1990, the Czech President […]