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Right-Wing Populism and National Identity in Central and Eastern Europe

by Pia Dittmar   Nowadays, the rise of populism in Europe is a phenomenon that cannot be ignored when it comes to analyzing contemporary politics. Scholars try to explain how populism emerges and search for common features in order to find a universal definition for this recent trend. Although some characteristics of populism might be […]

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Fifteen years of membership: the complexities of the EU’s eastward enlargement

The history of the European continent is a history of divisions and reunifications. In 1989 the fall of the Berlin Wall has reunified Europe after almost forty-five years. East Europe and West Europe, with the end of the Cold War divide, could finally get back what history stole from them. In 1990, the Czech President […]

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Come il rapporto Sargentini ha unito i Visegrad

Per la seconda volta dal 2009, il Parlamento europeo ha fatto ricorso alla cosiddetta “opzione nucleare” per saldare i conti con uno stato membro e anche questa volta, uno dei quattro paesi Visegrad. È del 12 settembre la ‘decisione’ del parlamento di Bruxelles di attivare l’Art. 7 del Trattato di Lisbona contro Budapest. La votazione ha seguito […]