Russia and Caucasus Observatory

Caucasus Essentials Pt.2 – Caucasus in the short Twentieth Century: Dealing with oil, domination and war

by Giovanni Zorra* In the previous part, we tried to resume all those geographical issues which are relevant for a better understanding of the Caucasus. This second contribution approaches the region on the historical side, addressing the focus on three macro-arguments, which can provide an interesting reading key. These three arguments are broad and obviously […]

Directors' Cut

Directors’ Cut Ep.3 – Domains of warfare: hybrid threats in Central-Eastern Europe

Since its conception, our Centre’s name has tried to capture the meaning of the context that we wanted to analyse. The term “hybrid” was – and still is – a clear indication of the multiplicity of (state and non-state) actors that operate in Central-Eastern Europe, and of the number of instruments used by this same […]

Governance and Multilateralism

The war on terror: the last drift before the 2004 EU eastward enlargement

The whole world welcomed the beginning of a new millennium with spectacular celebrations and new hopes. In people’s mind, the year 2000 meant a jump in the future, in which technological development would have reached new and undiscovered worlds. According to popular beliefs, what was about to start was the millennium of the end of […]